Cars are just man-made machines. No matter how frequent they undergo a preventive maintenance procedure, it does not guarantee a consistently smooth ride; rather, it only lessens the chance of the car malfunctioning. That is why we drivers have to know the standard procedures just in case we are caught in a situation where our car breaks down in the middle of a trip.  

In the event of a car breakdown, the safety of the driver and the passengers should be the top priority. And in most cases, having a presence of mind plays an important role in order to meet this.

Whenever you are caught in a car breakdown situation, here is what you should immediately do:
  • Turn on the hazard lights and unload your passengers. Advise them to stay away from the road’s dangers.
  • Get your car to the roadside or anywhere safe IF possible. Now if the situation does not permit this, do not stay longer inside the vehicle. Get out of the car immediately and put your hazard lights on to convey the message that your vehicle has an issue.
  • Contact the most reliable road assistance company in Hillside, New Jersey. Hillside Tow Truck will surely respond to your situation even if you are at the most remote site of the city. Got stuck on the road at the oddest hour of the night? For a trustworthy road assistance and tow company like Hillside Tow Truck, it’s not an issue at all.  

Now, if your car is showing signs of malfunction while you are still on the bustling motorway, do not panic. It never helps. Instead, remember these tips:

  • Stop in the emergency lane and switch on your hazard lights immediately.
  • Unload your passengers and instruct them to go to the nearest safe area that is away from the passing traffic.
  • Call for a breakdown assistance from a reputable car emergency service company. That is why it is important to have a company in mind that you know you can call and count on at all times. Hillside Tow Truck’s front liners make sure they take emergency calls with urgency and importance. We’ll conduct a brief questionnaire, note the most important details and in no time,  dispatch our reliable team right away to make sure that every driver and passenger in such an emergency situation is safe on the road.
  • Never attempt to conduct initial repairs on the motorway as this requires technical skills and is extremely dangerous. Rather, have the authorized professionals provide a quality towing for your car to a safe place and take care of the problem for you.

Breakdown Prevention
More often than not, we ignore the lights appearing on our car’s dashboard. When we do this, we also ignore the potential dangers that these want us to warn about. Make sure you are keen to these little but important signs. Also, a regularly serviced and maintained car is less likely going to experience a breakdown.

For a top quality car recovery, maintenance, and tow truck services in Hillside, NJ and its neighboring towns, you can definitely count on Hillside Tow Truck. We are a popular roadside assistance company for a reason. Call us today!