We often hear how a tow truck company like Hillside Tow Truck plays an important role in ensuring every driver/vehicle owner on the road is being responded to for help in times of emergencies or whenever towing needs arise. However, more often than not, an average driver does not know the fact that there are different types of tow trucks and the one most appropriate will be dispatched according to their needs.

Here in Hillside Tow Truck, we offer light-duty to medium-duty towing in Hillside using our flatbed tow truck and hook and chain tow truck. We dispatch the most appropriate truck after identifying your degree of need. Flatbed towing in Hillside, NJ is one of the things we have mastered throughout our existence.

Flatbed tow truck is the most common responder during towing emergencies. As what the name suggests, flatbed tow truck is designed to have a long empty bed with a flat surface on the top ready to carry light to medium-sized cars. It is considered user friendly for the fact that the car’s driver can simply drive the car up the ramp if possible or if the car’s suffering from a breakdown or in any way immovable, the tow operator can just pull it up and place it on the flatbed. This type of tow truck is what is commonly used in transporting vehicles involved in an accident. If you own a motorcycle, a sedan, an SUV, or a truck, this type of tow truck can manage.

Another type of tow truck which is sometimes used for medium sized tow service is hook and chain tow truck. A hook and chain tow truck can already carry out cargo towing of all kinds. However, a study has showed that this kind of tow truck puts a lot of pressure on the towed vehicle which has consequently discouraged tow truck companies from using it. This type of tow truck is nonetheless commonly used in towing wrecked or junk vehicles.

Hillside Tow Truck does not cater to heavy duty towing needs which usually involves towing of trailers, fire engines, buses, and other large vehicles as of the moment. Nonetheless, it is included in the company’s vision to better live to our commitment of providing reliable, top quality towing and road assistance services in and around Hillside, New Jersey.

A lot of vehicle owners not just in Hillside but in the rest of New Jersey have us, Hillside Tow Truck, as their most trusted car recovery company for a reason. Call us today!