Small Medium Sized Towing

When the average driver hops onto Yelp for towing services reviews, they’re likely searching for small or medium duty towing. Unfortunately, some service providers will only handle specific vehicles due to the limitations of their truck.

A tow company may only provide hook and chain towing for brief distances, or they may just take on large and over-sized vehicles. When you operate a lighter car, it may prove challenging to find the right company.

That’s why Hillside Tow Truck offers the best in Hillside, NJ towing for your small duty and medium-sized vehicles. From compact cars to pickup trucks, soccer vans, and smart cars, we handle them all for less!

Don’t let other companies give you the runaround and choose the team that’s always there for you. Call now for your towing services and save more!

Small & Medium Sized Towing - Hillside Tow Truck

Hillside tow truck

Light Duty Vehicles

Light-duty vehicles are often classified as 2,000 pounds or less. Compact cars, motorcycles, and smaller passenger cars all fit this category.

Their lighter frame may make life challenging for the towing company when they only offer medium duty and above service. They just aren’t equipped to transport smaller cars safely!

Medium Duty Vehicles

Medium duty cars and trucks are primarily for service workers. Whether they deliver mail and packages, work for a utility company, or are larger passenger models like SUVs, this class usually spans to 3,500 pounds.

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