Long Distance Towing 

Sometimes you need towing not because your car is damaged, but because it requires specialty care. From classic cars and collector items to preventing additional depreciation, long distance towing is the way to go

When you need your vehicles transported for less, you could spend hours searching Google for a local Hillside, NJ towing service. However, the simple solution for your needs is always Hillside Tow Truck. No other New Jersey towing company can tow like us, unless you’re in Minnesota (call our friends at Tow Truck St Paul). 

Long Distance Towing - Hillside Tow Truck

No matter where you need your vehicles hauled, we offer affordable pricing and faster response times. Call us for your free quote and see how much we can save you!

Don’t let high mileage fees and discount quality towers bang up your prized possessions. Instead, we transport your vehicles the right way each time!

Even if we have to bring your vehicle to our mechanic shop, we ensure you receive the best care for your tow. Call now when you need help!

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What is Long Distance Towing?

When your vehicle breaks down or requires a towing service, the driver likely limits his drop-off distance to around 15 miles. But what about when you’re planning to move to a different state, or when you sell a vehicle?

Each mile on your odometer is another source of depreciation. Not to mention the additional strain you’re putting on your engine and other components!

Instead, long distance towing is ideal moving a vehicle from one city to another, no matter the destination. By securing it on our flatbed and ensuring it’s safe from debris, we get your car to its next stop safely!

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