Jumpstart Service

The only thing worse than experiencing a dead car battery is not having anyone who can jumpstart. And even if a Good Samaritan has jumper cables, are you sure you’re doing it right?

If someone tries jumping your car incorrectly, it could fry your entire vehicle! In the bat of an eye, all of the electronics can short out, leaving you with a doorstop on wheels.

Instead, you can call Hillside Tow Truck to give you the most reliable jump in Hillside, NJ! We help more drivers get their vehicles running faster than with any other roadside assistance provider.
Don’t let just anyone try and jumpstart your car. Call the local team that gets it right each time!

Jumpstart Service - Hillside Tow Truck

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Jumpstart Service Near Me

Hollywood makes jumping a car look easy. But it can wind up getting dangerous fast!

Most make the mistake of sending too many volts through the battery at once. That can throw a surge through your car!

If a battery is frozen or has a leak, then jumpstarting can get deadly. Jumping these batteries can even cause explosions!

Even if the connections snapped on correctly, you could seriously hurt your car or even yourself. Unfortunately, many see the need for a jumpstart as something they shouldn’t call a company over.

Your safety is always a top concern for our drivers. That’s why we offer better battery jumps at affordable pricing every day!

Let us provide the safest battery jump around. Call now for your car!