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Mechanical Services in Irvington, New Jersey
It is every driver’s dream to sit behind the wheel with constant confidence that his vehicle is performing at its optimum potential. However, the world is not made like that. More often than not, drivers and vehicle owners render less care and attention to their vehicles; they hop in expecting for a smooth, problem-free driving experience, often neglecting the fact that vehicles are just pieces of machinery that can go wrong too.

As a vehicle owner, it is wise to be keen on the warning signs of mechanical problems. Doing so can help you avoid a bigger, thus costlier damage. And with that sense, there is no safer thing to do than getting your car the preventive maintenance it essentially needs.
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Get  your vehicle back on track with our onsite mechanical repairs. Here at Hillside Tow Truck, we provide nothing but the touch of an expert not just to get your vehicle going again but also to make sure it runs smoothly at all times possible. For all your onsite mechanical service needs, Hillside Tow Truck is always glad to be of service to you. And good news for all Irvington residents – we can cater to your needs too! We have our own mechanic shop in Irvington.

Hillside Tow Truck is manned and operated only by seasoned and adept automotive and towing technicians armed with top of the line tools and equipment in carrying out a wide variety of mechanical repairs all to restore your car. Hence, whether it is your vehicle’s radiator steam billowing from your car or your tire sustaining damage from a pothole, or whatever misfortune your car got into, our team will help it back to its best shape. Schedule a service appointment with us today for all your vehicle’s mechanical problems! We’ll be where you are.

Mechanical Repairs Service
Here at Hillside Tow Truck, everyone’s safety on the road is our topmost concern. Hence, we take a big part in making sure your vehicle is in perfect condition at all times. We are open for all your vehicle’s mechanical repair needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service desk is all day, all night open because we’d like to make sure you get to reach us successfully as soon as you decide to give us a ring. With us, you get an instant access to top quality mechanical repairs at very reasonable quotes. We guarantee our work!

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Call us for these fast, reliable mechanical services:
·         Auto Body Repair
·         Body Paint
·         Dent Repair
·         Scratch Repair
·         Collision Repair
·         Car Restoration
·         Flat Tires (Tire Repair/Replacement)
·         Tire Wheels and Rims Repair and Restoration
·         Battery Jumpstart, Repair or Replacement
·         Worn Out Spark Plugs Repair
·         Repair of Unresponsive Alternator
·         Radiator Repair (Leaking/Cracked)
·         Wirings (Loose Wire Repair)
·         Corroded Connections Restoration
·         Loose Pipe Repair, and many more!
Whether you are in Hillside or in Irvington, there is no way you can’t get an access to the best mechanical service provider in the area. Most of our men are always geared with tools and equipment for almost any situation to serve your mechanical service needs. Give us a call!
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665 Chancellor Ave
Irvington, NJ 07111