Flatbed Towing 

Searching the Hillside, NJ Yellow Pages for towing services is rarely straightforward. Most drivers aren’t sure whether they require flatbed towing or not.

However, most professionals agree that flatbed towing is among the most versatile ways to transport vehicles. That’s why Hillside Tow Truck continues to offer convenient flatbed towing and affordable pricing!

We help more Union Country area drivers take care of their disabled vehicles with prompt arrivals and better quality of service. Our experienced team of towing experts will have your car back at our shop in no time!

Flatbed Towing - Hillside Tow Truck

Why Flatbed Trucks?

While other towing vehicles have their place, flatbeds are just more flexible. They allow us to assist more cars in the area quickly than with other methods.

For the best options in flatbed towing services, you can always depend on us day or night. Call today for your vehicle and save!

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Flatbed Towing Near Me

One flatbed towing vehicle can move light duty, medium duty, and even some construction equipment types! The bed adjusts to accommodate many vehicle models, and the automated hoist makes loading your car a breeze!

​The flat surface also reduces the risk of scratches, dents, and debris striking your vehicle while it’s getting transported. When your car deserves the smoothest ride possible, you need our team to pick yours up now!

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Call today for your flatbed towing services and ask about our long-distance towing options as well! We offer the safest transportation for your vehicles each time